Our Mission.

To connect you with the people, know-how and products that empower and fuel a life you love for as simple or as fabulous as you want it to be.


We are committed to better health, optimism, achievement, community and supporting the dreams of women around the world.

We believe food, fitness, family, fashion, and community should all be purposeful and fun. 

Life is too wonderful, too promising and too short to sit on the sidelines. GJWT seeks adventure and inspiration. Join us!

Our Core Values.

We value our health

we value our friendships & family

We cheer each other on

We never stop learning

We speak unapologetically

We seek authenticity and value in the brands we love

We thrive in a supportive community

We approach each day with renewed optimism

We never stop dreaming

We never stop trying

We work smarter not harder

We find beauty in simplicity

We have a lot of fun...'cause YOLO!

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