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Girls Just Want To Be CREATIVE

Why do we push away creativity and ideas that make us feel alive?

When we are children our imaginations run wild and free. There isn’t an idea we are afraid to share. However, as we become adults and society dictates our lives, that creativity becomes stifled. It’s always there, but we push it away. Later in life it inches forward and with it, the regret.

I wish I would have…. If I would have kept up with it…. I could have been….

These thoughts aren’t benign. They weighing heavily on us. They demand attention. We sometimes think these thoughts are benign and laugh them off, but that creativity we stowed far back into our minds is still there. It’s begging to be let out.

I am always interested in why people do this to themselves, myself included at various points in my life. I watched a TED talk by Ken Robinson the other day and he pretty much explained it.

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original. By the time they get to become adults, most kids have lost that capacity. We are educating people out of their creative capacities.”

~ Sir Ken Robinson

As we become adults, we’re told, It’s time to grow up. Get a real job. Everything we were passionate about that created purpose and consumed most of our childhood is no longer good enough. Our insecurities get the best of us, and our vulnerability that was once our strength in has turned into weakness, stifling creativity.

“We are now running national education systems where mistakes are the worst thing you can make and the result is that we are educating people out of their creative capacities. We don’t grow into creativity we grow out of it or rather we get educated out of it.”

~ Sir Ken Robinson

We should never stifle the imagination of any child or limit his or her capacity to learn. But what about when we adults realize the should haves, could haves, would haves? What do we do then? How do we get our creativity back?

The truth is, our creativity is still there. It never left. All we need to do is give ourselves permission to allow it come to the forefront. We have to give ourselves permission to be vulnerable and not to be afraid of being wrong or making mistakes.

With a little help and inspiration, it can happen.

Here are six ways to jumpstart your creativity right now.

1. Watch a Ted Talk or listen to a Podcast

I really get hyped up after watching a good TED talk or even listening to a good podcast from inspiring people who are embracing their creativity and using it to help others. It’s also helpful knowing there are other people going through similar situations and learning how they are making changes during thei journey.

2. Reignite a forgotten passion or find a new one

What are one of your could have, should have, would haves? Maybe you always wanted to play guitar or learn how to sew. Take a free online course or watch some How To Videos on YouTube (there’s no shortage of good ones). You could also learn a new language or read a book in a genre you wouldn’t normally choose.

3. Allow yourself to daydream

In our minds we can go anywhere we want with no limits and no constraints. I have some of my most creative ideas while I’m trying to fall asleep. No scrolling allowed - just allowing my mind to drift. I keep a notebook and pen next to my bed in case I need to write it out. I have a colleague who always says she has the best ideas in the shower because she uses that time to let her mind wander freely. Our minds can do amazing things if we give ourselves permission.

4. Get outside

Don’t underestimate the power Mother Nature has to inspire you. Spending time outside away from technology and other distractions can help open up your mind and give you more freedom to think creatively.

5. Share an idea

Sometimes sharing an idea with someone you trust can be a good source of encouragement. It can be hard at first to share something so personal, but it may also help you embrace your vulnerabilities and turn them into strengths that motivate you.

6. Be Curious

You’ve heard the expressions “That’s life” or “That’s just how the world works.” They’re not true. Don’t take the world for what other people say it’s supposed to be. Keep an open mind and ask questions. Curiosity will help keep your mind active instead of passive.

These are some of the tricks I use to get motivated when my creative juices are feeling depleted. Briana and I would love to hear what kinds of tips and tricks work for you? Post on our facebook page or email us at TheGJWT@Gmail.com

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