Habit Stacking Our Way to a Better Body

It was personally hard for me to get to the gym for an hour workout even before the pandemic hit and now going to the gym seems like more of a health risk then a benefit, especially when so much can be done at-home or just about anywhere!

I heard on a podcast a guy talking about stacking habits and I had that “Aha!” moment. While I was already doing this to a degree I didn’t have a catchy name for it and I wasn’t fully implementing it into other areas beyond fitness that I now am.

"Habit stacking" is ADDING IN something to what you are already doing to create an additional benefit with little to no additional time required.

While this post is dedicated to sparking some ideas in you about how you can fit in movement and or body weight training just about anywhere, think about what other areas of your life you could use habit stacking in.

Maybe use red light therapy for inflammation while reading a book. Maybe you want to learn a language so you use your drive time to listen to podcast lessons. There are lots of ways to add in new habits and achieve new goals without carving out a lot of extra time for them.

Daily movement is important for physical health, strength, heart health, mental health, hormonal health, improving blood sugar and insulin responses and boosting immunity, so instead of becoming sedentary because the gym may be closed or you’re in fear of public places right now, let’s get creative no matter where we are.

Habit Stacking Fitness Ideas:

1. At the gas station? While you are waiting for your car to fill up do calf-raises off the curb of the pump (for a deeper stretcher and longer range of motion) or flat on the ground. Do as many as you can before the pump stops, I bet your calves BURN!

2. Brushing your teeth? (2-3 times a day, right?) Do plie or sumo squats – if you are brushing for the dentist recommended time of 2 minutes per session that’s 4-6 minutes of glute sculpting squats per day.

3. On the phone? Do some wall sits or sit-to-stand chair squats

4. Hanging out in the kitchen waiting for something to heat up? Do counter top pushups (or like me, just drop down in front of your stove and bang out as many full push-ups as you can)

5. Have small kiddos? Pick them up and dance for a full song or two (you will be breathing hard) then finish with squats or squat to overhead press with your kiddo still in your arms. You will have the added bonus of sharing a special mommy-child moment and doing something positive for your body. These have also been the best source of genuine giggles in my house!

6. Have to run errands? Park as far away as possible to everything and the extra steps will add up.

7. Have to get up to go to another room for something? Do rapid fire but kicks all the way there and back. If done properly you will be a little winded and feel the quad burn.

8. Watching TV? Use that time to stretch, do crunches, do pushups. You can even make a game out of it. Write out some body weight exercises on small strips of paper (or Click Here to print our Habit Stacking Exercises sheet and cut it out) and put them in a container. Pull out a paper during commercials or when there is a repeat of action or lines in the show (much like those college drinking games… only now you are a healthier more mature adult! ;-) ).

9. Headed to check the mail? Do walking lunges to build your quads and booty there and back.

10. Live in an apartment above the second floor? When was the last time you took the stairs all or part of the way?

11. Waiting for your coffee to brew? Do side leg lifts or standing slow-motion torso twists

Habit stacking can be a game changer! From building a better booty while brewing your favorite kick arse coffee to sculpting your arms while playing with your kids to learning a language while stuck in traffic. How will you HABIT STACK in your life?

Please share a fun picture with your habit stacking on our FB page or tag us in your Instagram post #GirlsJustWantToHabitStack

(I took a moment between participants during an infomercial shoot to #HabitStack my core workout. Instead of standing idly by waiting for the next person I gradded a dolly and did a few ab-knee tucks! I do this kind of stuff throughout my day and it ADDS UP!)

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