Podcast - Episode #3 - Morning Tweaks for Fat Loss (Nutrition Mini Ep. 1) )

Morning Routine Tweaks for Fueling Fat Loss & Becoming More Optimal in Our Day

Not everything in life needs to be a total overhaul in order the make progress. Small tweaks can add up to big changes over time. Just ask GJWT Co-Founder, Staci who lost the last stubborn 14 of 30 lbs when she cut dairy our completely and added in adaptogens to her morning. But here are four easy things you can start doing tomorrow to improve your well-being and fat loss results.

1. Delay your first meal of the day. Take advantage of the natural fat burning state called "ketosis" you are typically in upon waking (unless you binged on leftover tacos or a bowl of cereal at 3am) – the body produces ketones as a source of brain and body fuel in the absence of carbohydrates. The body does this by taking fatty acids from stored fat and dietary fat and converts them into ketones. Having long stretches without food helps to actually heal metabolism and insulin resistance, allows the body time to do some cellular clean up, improves mitochondrial function (our powerhouse cells that help fuel many biochemical processes - to include our overall energy, metabolism and aging).

The body saves up for the future in two ways:

  • Glycogenesis. During this process, excess glucose is converted to glycogen (the body’s stored form of sugar) and stored in the liver and muscles. Researchers estimate that the body stores approximately 2000 calories in the form of muscle and liver glycogen. Depending on the person, this means that glycogen levels will be depleted within 6-24 hours when no other calories are consumed - thingk about how long you fast when sleeping! . We have an alternative method of energy storage that can help sustain us when glycogen levels are low — lipogenesis (fat conversion).

  • Lipogenesis. If there’s already enough glycogen in our muscles and liver, any extra glucose will be converted into fats and stored via lipogenesis. While our glycogen stores are fairly limited, our fat stores are virtually unlimited. They provide us with the ability to sustain ourselves for weeks or in some cases months without adequate food for surivval needs.

When food carbohydrates or calories are restricted, glycogenesis and lipogenesis are no longer active. Instead, glycogenolysis and lipolysis take their place, freeing energy from glycogen and fat stores. This means with our fat loss goals we are tapping into stored body fat for fuel and looking and feeling better along the way as our body converts the fats to energy!

2. Exercise in fasted state – any type to get moving and tap into more stored fat for fuel, workout while cortisol is naturally on the rise. (Try this workout tomorrow morning!)

3. Hydrate upon waking – water, warm lemon water with sea salt (bowel movement stimulation). Dehydatrion SLOWS metabolism and makes muscle contractions weaker. It also doesnt allow for proper bowel elimination when we are dehydrated so we have excess toxic build up in teh body that then impeded fat loss even further.

4. Coffee lovers – Is your morning Joe harming or helping you? Blending fats, like MCT oil or coocnut oil/butter, grass-fed butter or ghee into your coffee slow the release of caffeine and nourish mind, body and hormonal production instead of giving your adrenals a throat punch first thing in the morning. The fats willhelp keep your blood suagr steady and naturally cut hunger, help mental clarity and give you sustained energy.

  • Start with organic whole bean coffee if possible. Ground coffee has an increased risk of contaminants from gluten to mold and more. Organic is important if you dont want a cup of concentrated chemicals fertilizers and pesticides too. By grinding it fresh the oils don't have a chance to go rancid like they do with pre-ground bags of coffee. I current switch between this Organic Cuban roast and this Organic Fair TadeDark French Roast

  • MCT Oil (click here) (Medium Chain Triglycerides) are used by the liver to create ketones which are in turn used a fuel for the brain and body, boosting energy. MCT may help improve mental clarity and focus. 

  • Grass-fed butter - has tons of Omega-3's and 500% more CLA than grain-fed cows. CLA is a long chain fatty acid and omega-6. Can combat inflammation, improve immunity, lower cardiovascular disease and increase bone mass. Contains butyrate (a short-chain fatty acid) that your gut bacteria can consume to grow and potentially improve your gut health. High in vitamins A, D, E K, which are fat soluble vitamins, meaning they need fat for the body to utilize them, so it's a perfect natural combination.

  • Sweeteners that aren’t a big fat storing or toxic impact on the body (In order of personal preference Erythritol, Sukrin Gold Brown Sugar Substitute, xylitol, stevia, monk fruit or stevia/monk fruit combo). Stevia and Monk fruit are my LEAST favorite because of their aftertaste and I get headaches when they are in hot liquids which makes me wonder what other negative impact they may have on my wellbeing. But I have clients that prefer them - to each thier own. My absolute favorite sweetner is the Sukrin Gold brown sugar substitute because give that caramel-brown sugar decadent flavor to my coffee or oatmeal or low carb baked goods. I use 1/2 a scoop of the Sukin Gold and 1/2 scoop of regular Anthony's erythritol in my coffee.

In Summary:

Hydrate upon waking (warm lemon water with a pinch of sea salt is ideal) Workout/get moving first thing to tap into fat for fuel. Eat breakfast later than normal to prolong your "fast". Enjoy your oganic, whole bean coffee with blended fats to boost fat burning and health benefits. (Click here to shop all my favorite coffees, "beautifying and fat loss enhancing" coffee add-ins and accessories)

Note: There are some products linked to Amazon within this post. GJWT may receive a very small commission from the sale of those items. We have only linked to items we personally use and enjoy.

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