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We are so happy you have landed here!! What we hope that you gain from joining the Girls Just Want To family is the inspiration to treat youself well, the tools to go after even your biggest, wildest dreams, the support to lift you on those most challenging days, and the cheer squad you know will always rooting for you.

When you listen to a podcast episode, watch one of our Youtube of IG TV videos, follow us on Facebook or IG we hope that each interaction can bring thuoght provoking action to your life.

When you buy directly from us or take us up on a recommendation of a product outside of our shop, we hope that with each purchase we continue to build your trust and loyatly as a source for quality, useful, fun or helpful goods.

We value your time, attention, support, questions and feedback. We always love to hear from you. YOU are what makes our community special and possible. Thank you!



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