We love the medical tote for so many reasons:

1. If you pull healthy snacks and food or vitamins from it it's like saying this is my natural medicine.

2. It shows love to our frontline hero's our healthcare workers.

3. This tote bag is soft and flexible allowing you to stuff it with multiple beach towels, change of clothes and shoes or carry and entire semester worth of books.

The canvas style fabric is decorated by American workers. It features custom art, which is dyed into the fibers so it will never fade. The tote designs are created by independent artists who receive a portion of each sale – so when you buy this tote bag you are helping to support an artist.

The bag is machine washable, we recommend you wash it separately in cold water on a gentle cycle and then air dry it or line dry it.

Medical Pattern Tote

SKU: USDS-19544-16-689
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